Aurora Vol. 1 is our new LUX release!

1 year following the first LUX release, we proudly introduce our new compilation series. In a similar vein to the natural phenomenon, Aurora is an ever-changing series, taking on many forms and showing a wide spectrum of music. With the first-ever installment, we introduce several new artists, all with impeccable quality and a unique touch.

To get things rolling, Jessee, CaitC, and Carrier all deliver banging dancefloor tracks. Even though they all achieve to get you grooving, each track has a particular hook. Gnarly basslines, nostalgic leads, or an ever-changing with a serious groove, akin to the northern lights, these tracks will leave you impressed and excited.

In the mood for something else? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Regolith Surface and Mae, and Low5 deliver some deliciously smooth drum and bass. Similar to a nice hot chocolate in the middle of winter, warming soundscapes, comforting vocals, and a mellow atmosphere are the staple for these tracks.

Just when you’re all set, we’re switching up the tempos. Mr. Fletch debuts and the guys from Coldline return to LUX with heavy basshouse. Running, partying, or just generally having a good time, these two tracks encourage you to get moving. Just like the flashing northern lights, these tracks deliver a feeling of eagerness and restlessness. While the artists are both relatively new names to the scene, the quality in their music is far beyond their experience, offering something fresh and characteristic in the 4/4 realm.

As we reach the darkest days in winter, we outline the final tracks on Aurora vol. 1 with the darkest tracks on the album. Debuting on LUX, Trojiin delivers a gritty and grimy industrial garage track called Darkside, while Karimooo serves up an equally gritty, but futuristic hard-hitting neuro drum and bass track called Mecha.

Everybody has a different way to survive the winter months, and every track on Aurora has its own interesting energy and details. Whether you’re at a house party, club, or a massive festival, the first installment in our Aurora series is guaranteed to give you the tracks you need.