Brand new music on LUX!

A mysterious new act lands on LUX, carved from a futuristic image with organic influences.

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The first connection of Raid:Zero is a massive statement of intent, delivering 4 incredible tunes each with a unique identity. Throughout every track, the story of Raid:Zero is told piece by piece.

They sketch the first images of their world with Fractured. In pieces, yet complete. A dark atmosphere with hopeful undertones creates an eerie feeling. As the drums swell and the first drop hits there is a massive sense of relief. A grotesque lead has taken over the soundscape, guided by a crunching bassline and whipping drums. After a moment you can take a breath, but before you know it you get pulled back in by a driving kick and an enticing new rhythm. This shift will guide you to the end as you get prepared for a brand new chapter.

Once you have an idea of the world, Raid:Zero introduce you to The Keepers. Their fierce and cryptic nature can be heard in the weighty lead and entrancing arps. Throughout the track you get dragged in a little bit further, but it’s not quite certain where you end up.

The Keepers take you to the Event Horizon. As the name implies, the third track brings you to a point of no return. An anxious and grande atmosphere keeps you on your toes and constantly switches things up. Once you start listening, you can’t stop, intrigued and curious as to what follows. Eventually, Raid:Zero finish up this chapter in a tribalistic manner, with a driving rhythm and forceful bassline.

Shaken you arrive at the end. A nostalgic and comforting intro takes you to the warm vocals of Marge. Her lyrics perfectly encapsulate the experience; a wild, epic journey throughout the world of Raid:Zero, leaving lasting memories and asking to not leave the Lights Out. The drop delivers a final impact, cementing itself in your head and leaving you fulfilled, yet eagerly awaiting more.

Whilst Fragments is already an evocative project, this is all just the beginning. Raid:Zero take with them an aura of mysteriousness and refinement, while at the same time delivering an unrelenting barrage of sounds…

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