Carrier’s new EP ‘By The Machine’ is OUT NOW on LUX Music

Returning to LUX after his funky single Get It on our Aurora series, Carrier is dropping his debut solo EP. Still relatively new to the scene, he’s already carved out his own identity and accompanying signature sound. With his debut EP, aptly named By The Machine, he gives us an insight into a funk-laden alternative future where AI has taken control.

Check it our here!

The opener track Fantasy draws you in right away. A melodic and enchanting intro portrays a place of safety and stillness, beautiful but with a subdued edge. The soothing vocals calm you down, but the worried feeling never fully goes away. As the drop hits, Carrier switches into overdrive and takes you on a wild ride. The dissonant guitars and flailing bassline drop all pretense and hint at the bleak future this story is about.

Up next is the title track By The Machine. Its haunting intro perfectly encapsulates what’s been hinted at before. A tech-driven environment ruled by AI causes an uneasy feeling and a sense of urgency. The driving bassline drags you into the world and keeps you on your toes, almost as if you need to have eyes in your back.

While you keep going, Turrican sets the mood for the next chapter in this story. Conjuring images of days gone past, filled with stacked arcades and vibrant neon lights. The lively hurried and exciting scenes lift you up and keep you moving. Even though there are still some sinister undertones, Turrican shines rays of happiness and pleasantness in a world run by AI.

After everything that’s happened, Wayment is the perfect ending to the EP, delivering a peaceful, yet wry ending. The laid-back flow in the drums and playful synths all culminate in a rebellious final drop, underlining the theme and whipping you up one final time before the end.

All in all, the By The Machine EP is a unique piece of work, allowing Carrier to show off his unique style and introduce himself fully to the scene.