Dear visitors,

The decision has been made. NOX will not set place in the Woods this summer. Unfortunately, the situation regarding the COVID-19 virus has not improved enough, forcing the government to cancel all events until the end of August this year.

First, we would like to say that we fully understand the decision the government has made and realize how difficult it must be to make a judgement like this. We also think it would not be safe and rather unethical to go through with a festival in the middle of a crisis like this. In order to stop this virus from spreading as much as we can, we feel like this is the right thing to do. We know we can count on you too.

Second, we would like to inform everyone that NOX in the Woods has been moved to next year, on the 13th of August 2021. This situation has given us the opportunity to improve the festival even further than we already have. We’re trying to get as many partners & artists to move with us to next year!

Of course, those of you that were planning their trip to the Woods will have some questions. That makes perfect sense, and we fully understand. As the main guideline, we can already state that all tickets bought will be automatically converted to NOX in the Woods 2021. We will strive to contact all ticket holders personally via email within the next week(s) and provide you with an update.

Please consider holding on to your ticket and saving it for the next edition of NOX. It supports NOX in a huge way!

Stay inside and be safe, don’t let the sacrifices we all make be in vain.

And please do not let the passion fade! 

See you all next year.

Much love,