Doctor P B2B Franky Nuts will replace Barely Alive!

Sadly, we’ve received some unfortunate news coming from Barely Alive’s agency.

Due to the current situation, it’s impossible for the DJ to fly over from America at the moment and is thereby forced to cancel his show for NOX on the beach.

We’ve worked hard with MBArtists, thus we were able to find a worthy replacement that will DEFINITELY live up to the expectations.


Please read the full statement below:

Dear NOX Family


It is with regret that we will not be able to bring Barely Alive over for you as initially hoped due to complications within that time frame. We are striving to get him over to you at the earliest convenience and this is our promised commitment to the NOX Family. We are still dealing with the ripple effect of Covid across the continent, but we are confident these issues will become a thing of the past. 


We have managed to secure a fantastic back-to-back for you with dubstep pioneer Doctor P & home grown star Franky Nuts to ensure you get that Bass fix you desperately crave! 


We thank the NOX crew for their understanding and support with the situation and to you, the NOX family, we hope you rave until you can’t stand no more and have an incredible time with friends old and new. 


Thank you all for your understanding.