DubApe – Did You Forget Last Summer is out right now

Following the Genesis EP, LUX proudly presents the first solo release on the label. The Did You Forget Last Summer EP, produced by DubApe brings a mixture of styles and rhythms, showing off his talent in multiple ways. The EP is out right now!

The first track, Did You Forget Last Summer, aptly reminds us of better times. A joyful saxophone, guided by uplifting chords and an enthusiastic bassline perfectly sets the mood.

This remnant of sunny days is destined to be a go-to track when you need an energy boost, or the perfect soundtrack to enjoy lovely weather.

The next track, Sry Mum, reminds us of all the rebellious moments we had and will have. dub inspired sounds with whipping drums set us up for the drop that delivers a musical lashing out that takes you by surprise. DubApe keeps us interesting with continuously changing rhythms, dubby interludes, and a bouncing bassline every now and then.

The third track, Find Me, turns the mood up to 11. This track draws melancholic emotions and lets you wallow in nostalgia. The warm bassline and chords, guided by ethereal vocal stabs drive the track and gives it a special place in your mind.

The EP is concluded by a track called Warrior, which features the vocal talents of MC Longman.

From the first second, you feel the eerie atmosphere that reminds you of the early hours after a long night out. MC Longmans opening verse perfectly guides you to the drop that tells you the night isn’t quite over yet, as a dark rolling bassline and a weighty drum rhythm guide you through the track.

With his Did You Forget Last Summer EP, DubApe reminds us of all the different facets of life, with his music helping us reflect, but also enjoy what we have been part of. This combination of tracks is one you just can’t miss out on.


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