Easter Give Away!

3 puzzles; all connected to one outcome.. and NOX ofcourse.

All though we have made this pure for your enjoyment, nothing better than a chance to win and get fanatic! Gather your friends: do you challenge them or do you work together? Are you better off alone? This might be not as easy as it seems!

What can I win?

1st  prize: 2x ticket to NOX in the Woods Festival 2021
2nd prize:
Backstage tour at NITW’21 including a chance to meet your favourite artist!
3rd prize:
25EUR worth of drinktokens at NITW’21
You can choose another prize if this is still available (e.g. if you’re the first you can choose 2nd or 3rd).

How it works?
Below you will see three puzzles, the last one being a sentence that you need to solve, in order to win. All puzzles are related to NOX and mainly the festival. This page will be updated a few times per day with small hints in order for you to solve the puzzle. If you have figured it out, mail us the answer at easter@nox.events. We will reply to everybody after easter, including the winners. The person that is first to solve wins guaranteed but to make it fair for everybody the other 2 winners will be randomly selected (if mailed the right answer). See all rules here. 

You are allowed to solve this together with your friends, however only one person per group can win. Stay fair!

The three puzzles are linked to each other! Solving one may help you with another one.

Doing this by phone or laptop?

Few ways to do it, for example in paint on the laptop or via the paint-option in WhatsApp when you sent a photo to someone! Most phones also let you edit your screenshots.

Want to print it instead?


But you can still enjoy the puzzle!


Easter puzzle

HINT 1: The solution is a 5-letter word. Don’t forget it’s not only horizontal and vertical!

HINT 4: basshouse, mystae, foodtruck, NOX, drumandbass, eclectic, dubstep, wood, trees, eindhoven, security, aeylinn, tickets, august, soldout, LUX, merchandise, forest


HINT 2  & 6: We have updated the image and added some letters. Now you should know what to fill it with!


This puzzle can not be solved without Puzzle 1 and/or 2.

HINT 3: We have updated above image.


Hint 1: Added to puzzle 1.
Hint 2: Puzzle 2 is updated.
Hint 3: Puzzle 3 is updated.
Hint 4: Added words to puzzle 1.
Hint 5: The outcome might not always be in the right order.
Hint 6: Puzzle 2 is updated once more.
Refresh this page to see if another hint is added.

Click here to get a printable version!



Spoiler alert! You can view it here.