Easter egg Campaign explanation

You just found one of our hidden Easter eggs. Sadly you didn’t win anything, as this page will help you throughout the week.

How it works

Every day we place bunny’s and Easter eggs through our media. Our media consists of everything you can think of regarding our events: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, this website, ..

Easter eggs don’t have to be eggs precisely, it just means we’ve hidden a little something somewhere. Just follow the bunny’s – even tho they might take you to the wrong place sometimes.

The prizes scale with the day, but so does the time to find an Easter egg. This means you’ll find the ultimate prize on Day 5.

Our goal

Being in the entertainment business in times of COVID-19 is not the easiest thing, but we understand that you might be just as affected as we are. Since we still like to entertain people, this is just a small thing we can do back for the community we love. ❤


This part will be updated daily. For now we’re on Day 5, so you’ll only see Day 1-4.

Day 1
Hint: Moving Memories 
Prize: 50% discount on all merchandise for the first 10 to find it.
Place: Youtube: NOX C&K Aftermovie

Day 2
Hint: Summer Flashbacks
Prize: First 10 winners get a buttonpack!
Place: Banner of NOX in the Woods 2019 Facebook event

Day 3
Hint: Sunny with a chance of Clouds
Prize: T-Shirt & Snapback
Place: Soundcloud, in the description of one of the sets.

Day 4
Hint: Get in the NOX Mood
Prize: T-Shirt & Sweater
Place Spotify Playlist

Day 5
Hint: Cookies, cookies.
Prize: 2x VIP tickets to NOX in the Woods Festival + drink tokens


Thanks for joining us in on the fun – we hope you enjoyed, even if you didn’t win.

Stay safe!