You can buy tickets via the Facebook Event for the Event you'd like to visit.

Besides that, you can also go to the "TICKETS" page on our website to get your tickets.

You need to be at least 18 years old to get access to our events. 

We sometimes sell merchandise at events, we will always announce this beforehand. If you have any questions regarding our merchandise, please contact, so we can answer your questions. 

You cannot use tickets for one event for another. For example, if you've bought tickets for NOX: Freya's Veil, that means those tickets are only eligible for NOX: Freya's Veil. Not for another event scheduled by NOX.

Sometimes you buy a ticket with a name of the original buyer still on the ticket, for example when you buy tickets for your all your friends or through Ticketswap. There's no need to worry: this ticket is still valid for entrance, even when the name doesn't match with your own.


Yes! All tickets bought for Freya's Veil will stay valid for NOX at Klokgebouw: Freya's Veil in 2023.

This means you don't have to request or validate a new ticket for 2023, you can just use the one you already have!

We are confident we can keep the line-up mostly the same as last year. If anything changes, we will let you know!


You can get tickets for NOX: Freya's Veil here or at the ‘TICKETS’ menu option on this website.

Save trees, don’t print your ticket unless necessary.

Upon entering the festival, make sure you put the brightness of your screen up, so it’s easier to scan the ticket.

Yes, you need to be at least eighteen years old to enter any of our events, including the festivals.

Pasport, ID-card, Driving license, residence permit.

No bank or public transport cards.

You cannot take any drinks, food, soft- and harddrugs and other illegal substances with you. This includes weed.

Same goes with pyrotechnical objects, gassprays like deodorant, glass, striking and cutting tools and umbrellas.

No objects that might be dangerous to other’s safety and health are allowed.

Everything in the Klokgebouw is at the same height level so there shouldn't be any problems!

Yes, only if you have a letter with your full name & name of medication, signed by your doctor.

Due to security reasons this is not allowed.


No, there will be plenty of options on the festival side.

When it comes down to food we have foodtrucks offering you sweets, meat, vega(n) and everything in between!

You can buy tokens at the counters after you’ve entered the festival.

There will be special token-shops.

It’s not possible to pay with cash or card at the bar.

Yes, there will be lockers available.

You will be able to enter NOX: Freya's Veil at 21:00 (9PM) and it will end at 07:00 (7AM).

There will be loads of different food trucks, including meat, vegetarian, vegan and sweet options!

If you have any allergies, please contact us to be sure at

We have made sure the festival is as safe as can be. If anything might happen anyway, there will be a First Aid team ready to take care of you.

It’s safe to tell them anything necessary. They are there to help you.

No matter who you are, when we are at NOX we’re looking after each other. Intimidating behaviour in any shape or form will not be tolerated and will have consequences.

If you ever feel unsafe during the festival, we appeal to you to contact us on social media via DM. We keep an eye on all incoming messages, as we understand that it might be hard to physically contact somebody about this.

You're allowed to enter the festival with a small bag, fanny pack or tote bag. Large bags must be put into lockers.


We know that dancing all night can cost a lot of energy, so we are making sure there's enough space for everyone to sit down and recharge.


We celebrate NOX: Freya's Veil at Klokgebouw, which is located in the industrial center of Strijp-S in Eindhoven. 

For NOX: Freya's Veil we advise you to take the train to Eindhoven Strijp-S station. The festival is located right next to the train station at Ketelhuisplein so it’s only a 2 minute walk from Strijp-S to NOX: Freya's Veil.

There’s parking availability next to Klokgebouw, however keep in mind these spots are pricey and probably limited.

Coming from Belgium or far? Do try! They have options to Eindhoven for just a few euros.

There are multiple lots to park your car closeby, we recommend you navigate to the Parking Garage called Om De Hoek

Keep in mind that this can get quite pricey and the availability will be limited.

If you're coming to NOX: Freya's Veil by public transport, you can head straight to Eindhoven Strijp-S (or via Eindhoven Centraal) to reach the festival site! From here its only a 2 minute walk from the trainstation to Klokgebouw.

If you're coming from abroad to NOX: Freya's Veil at Klokgebouw, you're in luck! There is a great bus connection from Eindhoven Airport to Strijp-S station, where the festival is located. Flights are also super cheap from most airports, for example: London Stansted.

Once you get to Eindhoven Airport, you can take a direct bus (15 min) to Eindhoven Strijp-S, or you can grab an Uber for roughly 10 euros. Navigate to Klokgebouw.


For other questions you can send us a message via our Facebook Page or send an email to

If you have any questions about the merchandise please contact so we can answer your questions.

We love Eindhoven! Not only home to Philips and PSV, but also innovating each year with festivals such as the Dutch Design Week and Glow.

No worries, this can happen.

Check out our ticketservice and contact them. They'll help you out!

If you want to be a part of NOX:Freya's Veil, feel free to send an email to