Introducing LUX Music

With 2020 coming to an end, we wanted to give you something to celebrate at last. No party or festival, but a brand new bass label, LUX. On the 18th of December, the ‘Genesis’ EP was released, on which you can hear tracks by DubApe, Alora, Koarse and Coldline.

Our vision is to embody a truly unique music experience, focusing on experimental elements. This has always been at the heart of NOX and the direction of LUX is going to be no different, we aim to create a music label with no boundaries, one for artists who want to experiment and develop themselves. LUX wants to make bass music even more accessible and unite all sub-genres into one label. This is because sometimes we focus too much on sub-genre divisions, when instead we should be focusing on the energy of a release. With our newest release ‘Genesis’, we stay true to our statement. Featuring tracks by DubApe, Alora, Koarse and Coldline, the EP rips up the rulebook. All productions are so different, but together they form a concoction serving up the raw festival energy of NOX in a different package.

DubApe and Vertex are opening the EP calmly. ‘Lucent’ is a lush liquid drum ‘n bass track which guides you away. Perfect for a relaxing day and to take your mind off of everything. This opener is filled with soothing melodies, warm basslines, making it a wondrous adventure into the unknown.

The second track is called ‘Solar’, by Alora. Having received massive support by the likes of Andy C, Camo & Krooked, Dirtyphonics and many others in the past already, ‘Solar’ continues this story as another dancefloor smasher. Alora creates with this track an air of excitement and invincibility, taking us back to what we miss most about festivals and club nights.

After two relatively easy-going tracks, Koarse is here to take it all up a notch. Take everything you expect from a drum ‘n bass-track and flip it upside down. That’s what gives you ‘Stortbak’. Eerie vocals, harsch drums and rough basslines create this raw and industrial banger, giving you an unadulterated experience of electronic music.

The last track on the EP is by newcomers Coldline. Their track ‘Bacon’ rounds everything off, with a bassline that takes us back to simpler times, when raves were the staple of electronic music. The repeating vocal ‘Go ham!’ makes you want to literally go ham and lose your mind and throughout the track, you will find yourselves bouncing in your chair, reminiscing about more innocent times.

With these four tracks, LUX makes a powerful statement. Blurring the lines between styles and genres, LUX unites all with a colourful EP.