New release by DIVICIOUX

LXM012 marks the debut of Netherlands based DIVICIOUX on LUX Music. As a familiar face from NOX Events, you could already be acquainted with his forward thinking style. With his two tracks Glare and Kleur, DIVICIOUX is pushing the envelope of what bass music can be, and combines a wide range of styles and influences while simultaneously conjuring heartfelt emotions and taking you on a journey.

Kicking things off with Glare, DIVICIOUX guides you gently, setting the mood with a mellow intro and slowly building more and more tension towards the drop. As soon as the drop hits, DIVICIOUX goes all out and it’s immediately clear why the track is called Glare. A fierce and dazzling explosion of sound is served up and the hopeful melancholy from the intro is turned into exciting views for the future. Guided by the rhythmic bassline and crispy clean drums, the full spectrum of Glare is an experience to behold, only leaving you longing for more and setting you up for Kleur.

In a similar vein to Glare, Kleur starts off with a hopeful, yet exciting intro. In the drop however, DIVICIOUX takes us on another route, a path down memory lane with warm feelings all round and a sense of security and safeness. This is further emphasised throughout the track by the everchanging soundscapes, peaceful vocals and the laid-back, Sunday afternoon style drums, creating the perfect track to wind down to and enjoy the moment.

All in all DIVICIOUX delivers a stellar debut release on LUX Music, showcasing his skill and versatility through two emotive tracks via Glare and Kleur. Both tracks will be available from 23 February onwards on all digital platforms.


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