Gianni Jorissen – Koelhuis

This year, many lives got turned upside down by a virus all known to us by now. But as the creative brains we are, we always find a way to get through it. We were wondering how people in the creative industry were doing, what they were doing and most importantly, what’s keeping them strong? Continue Reading

Bas Veekens – 013 Promoter

Bas Veekens has had quite the year at 013. With events being cancelled left and right, he started wondering: “What’s still possible?”. That’s how he came up with two brand new concepts for the concert hall in Tilburg, which took place over the summer. In this interview you read all about it and more.  Continue Reading

A day in the life

Streets have gone quiet and venues are still empty, but we might have the solution. In the coming weeks, while we’re all locked up in our homes, we want to give you a look in the lives of people who all work in the industry we all love. We’ve talked to people working in theContinue Reading