NOX in the Woods has been moved to 2022

Wonderful people, again we have incredibly difficult news for you.

NOX in the Woods 2021 will not be able to take place, due to the returning corona measures. We have tried several things including a date change (going for august 15 for example), but it didn’t matter.

Although we thoroughly believe open-air events can be safely executed with the proper ventilation and Corona checks when entering, the government doesn’t agree. They see festivals in the same category as nightclubs and cafés with poor ventilation and where the check often gets skipped.

For all of those who have got a ticket for this year’s festival, and want to support NOX, you can decide to save your ticket for next year. Since the festival is pretty much sold out, it wouldn’t be the worst idea anyway.

Then again, should you decide to refund your ticket, that is also possible of course.
We do however want to reiterate that by keeping your ticket, you are supporting NOX more than you can imagine. (!!!)

We’re so sorry it has to be this way, but let’s keep each other strong until we can dance again.


And we will. We will have something new coming.