Cookie Monsta

Cookie Monsta

With him missing last year on NOX in the Woods, we’re so glad to be able to tell you guys that he’s back to crush the stage!

Cookie Monsta aka Tony Cook is a producer and DJ from Nottingham, UK who represents the loud and grimy side of dubstep. “If you crave the downright nasty dubstep then Cookie Monsta’s your guy.

Packing a recipe of face-slapping snares, ground shaking bass and eye gougingly dirty synths. His sound resembles that of a demonic bass-saw that easily lacerates the ear drums of all it encounters.

As a child Tony spent hours on his brother’s Playstation creating sounds on Music 2000. This inspired him to study music technology at college and it was here that he was introduced to Reason software, which he was to use to such devastating effect.

After rocking the place out with his first ever performance at a college end of year gig, the buzz he got was so amazing that he began to concentrate seriously on his music – and Cookie Monsta was born.

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