Playing all over the world, from Coachella to EDC, this time they’re playing right here in our Woods with their signature sound we love.

Hailing from The Netherlands, the duo’s emphasis on their artistic strengths has seen them weave sonically and visually intricate stories through their music. Their signature skull has become synonymous with progressive music and breathtaking art highlighted by their impeccable percussion-heavy sound.

They hit the electronic music scene in 2016 when San Holo brought them aboard bitbird where the duo released a string of singles through the rest of the year including zZz and Wake The Warrior establishing themselves as a new force to be reckoned with.

The duo returned to bitbird for their biggest piece of work to date – their debut A Moment In Time. Featuring five unique cover pieces and a beautiful visual storyboard, the EP was a hit amassing close to 25 million streams in less than a year and launching them on tour with San Holo on over forty-dates across four continents.

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