Kimyan Law

Kimyan Law

Be amazed by his music covering the Woods in a magical glow. He incorporates African instruments and influences into his set up, achieving a rare organic and human quality in Drum and Bass music.

Kimyan Law defies simple description in more ways than one. An exiled child of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s long-running, ever-intractable civil war, his unique personal history forms a key part of his creative puzzle.

Like so many others, art has become his mode of personal expression, and he believes he has a “duty to myself as an artist to develop a filter, or something to bind all those thoughts and feelings into something that I feel is necessary to make a meaningful piece, a narrative”.

The form that art takes also defies simple description, and it’s more than just a reflection of his past. He combines drum & bass with melancholic ambience to produce a sound so singular that he found critical acclaim almost immediately upon the release of his debut album.

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