International debut!

French beat connoisseur Maazel has been pioneering the future bass genre for years now. Now, he’s coming to NL to fill the Klokgebouw with his unique and innovative sounds!

Behind Maazel lies a Paris-based genre-bending/multi-instrumentalist producer that started the project in 2015, mainly focusing on making emotional electronic music. His experience in guitar enabled him to break the boundaries of genres and allowed him to develop his unique and recognizable style.

Weaving in and out of future bass and chill music, he started releasing his first originals and remixes on Soundcloud and caught the attention of big names. It ended up in collaborations such as ‘Lost Boys’ that generated more than 4 million plays and became an anthem of the genre. Things snowballed quickly with huge names (such as Diplo, Marshmello and Party Favor) playing the track in the biggest festivals in the world.

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