Moksi is known around the world for their unique, bassline-driven, UK garage-influenced sound. Their sets ooze energy, joy, and all-around positivity. The Dutch duo has created an abundance of new material after a year with relatively few releases.

Get ready to jump with joy for an hour straight!

Sometimes house party hangs can be a perfect meet-up point for creative minds to click; and even though Samir and Diego, a duo behindĀ Moksi, is a perfect example of it, the success didn’t come until they actually focused on working as a team numerous years later.

Moksi’s music is a kaleidoscope of screaming leads and bass face perfect – subwoofer loving drops. For those guys influence starts with the 90’s UK garage classics and all that goes with it. One of the first tracks, Getting Higher, the two collaborated on, was noticed by Yellow Claw. Soon after that, Moksi was working on a debut EP Brace Yourself. The two guys gathered in the studio to experiment with a few melodies with no high expectations and have a little fun.


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