Winners NOX in the Woods 2021


First of all, thank you all for participating!

As mentioned, there will be 10 winners in total.
Unlucky? Fortunately, there are still some tickets left!

Congrats Pascalle van Kempen, you win The Ultimate NOX experience including:
• A two-person stay at the NOX artist hotel
• 2x entry to NOX in the Woods Festival 2021
• 2x backstage tour (chance to meet some artists!)
• 10x drink tokens
• 2x merchandise shirt of your choice available for pick-up at the merch stand!

Winners of the NOX tattoo are Laura van Loon Sauveur & Angel van Spronsen, congratulations to both of you!
You also win a merchandise shirt of your choice!
We’ll share the designs made by Tom Hamel soon.
If you didn’t win a tattoo, you can always contact Tom to plan an appointment!


Finally, we’ve got seven lucky winners who will receive 2 tickets for NOX in the Woods Festival 2021!
Myrthe Schol
Levi Scanlon
Ashley Dina Francis
Emily Kreemers
Aart Ver Loren Van Themaat
Tim Kuster
Rebecca-elisa de Jeer

For all winners; please contact us via DM, so we can discuss the details further!

See you all at NOX in the Woods 2021!

Can’t wait?
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